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About Us

RAY SCHEIDTS ELECTRIC INC. Is an electrical contracting firm for commercial and industrial projects. Since 1962, we have designed and constructed numerous power and control systems for major companies throughout Santa Clara County and the Bay Area.

Originally founded to service a handful of small, neighboring customers, we now send our truck fleet and dozens of highly qualified electricians throughout the Greater Bay Area on diverse projects for numerous companies like IBM, Hitachi, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the City of San Jose, San Jose Museum of Art, T B I, Fluor Corp, Lockheed, Brocade, & Photon Dynamics. Yet, regardless of the distance we travel or the impressive customers we serve, we never stray from our original promise: to give clients the best possible service for a reasonable price and to accomplish the task in a timely manner.

We do our best to accommodate our customer and to minimize downtime. We'll research the job ahead of time, provide estimates right up front and set a firm completion date. Then, we'll stand behind our word. If there ever is a problem, call our president, Richard Morin. He's not just a voice behind a desk. He's a man behind his word.

Our electricians are professionals, experienced in complex environments. They invest in your job and in themselves. When you hire us, you get a commitment to a job well done for your satisfaction as well as for our sense of pride. Rest assured that when you become our customer, you'll be dealing with the same person throughout the relationship and in the future. This results in stability, continuity and outstanding customer service. We also offer 24 hour accessibility to our work force.

Customers realize substantial cost - savings because as a major electrical contractor we have a vast inventory of equipment and supplies. Moreover, we exercise substantial buying power that results in advantageous pricing to customers. Our 25-truck, fleet includes five specially outfitted vehicles, all radio-dispatched. Because Scheidts owns thousands of unique industry tools, purchasing additional equipment is unnecessary for most projects. Additionally, we routinely make appropriate substitutions for less expensive - but equal quality - material, yet another way to save customers money. Our large purchasing volumes, ranks us as eligible for 24-hour access to most electrical supplies from many national vendors. This, in turn, reduces customers' downtime.

We employ more than 15 qualified, experienced electricians, and have access to a large manpower pool; regardless of the large manpower pool; regardless of the project size, we're prepared. Our reputation includes completing jobs on -- and often before -- the project's completion date. But speed is never at the sacrifice of quality and safety, as evidenced by our exemplary safety record.

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Six Important Considerstions

  • You gain precious time: Don't risk your time, money and resources doing it in- correctly. As experts, we analyze situations to build solutions to fix problems much faster than someone less experienced.

  • You avoid expensive downtime: We'll design and construct the project to avoid unnecessary problems. Our repair personnel will rescue a situation as expediently as professionally possible. And you'll deal with the same service rep once you become a customer.

  • You don't need to buy expensive equipment and tools: We probably already own all tools and any equipment your job requires.

  • We stock a huge inventory: Therefore, customers don't need to sacrifice precious shelf and storage space.

  • We take the inventory risk: If we didn't, customers might stock --- and be stuck with --- electrical elements they think they'll need in the future - but often never do.

  • We can get the parts quickly: Because we buy in bulk, manufacturers grant us shipment preference, ensuring expedient delivery. Depend on Scheidts for fast access and delivery of the parts you need.

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